We have started learning about babies and thinking about what babies do and need. Then we have compared this to what they can do now and talked about how much they have grown and changed. It has been lovely sharing their baby photos! Thank you parents for providing them.

Please chat to your child about what they were like as a baby.

Rhyme of the week

Your child will have come home with a yellow ‘Rhyme of the Week’ book today. Please look after this book and practise singing the rhyme at home. We will collect the book in every Friday and give it you on a Monday with the new rhyme. This week our first rhyme is ‘Twinkle twinkle little star.’


We have read the story Elmer and have been talking about how Elmer looked different to the other elephants and it’s perfectly fine to be different. We have been collaging a picture of Elmer. Listen to the story at home.

First Circle Time

Today we had our first Circle Time session. We started with show and tell to see a bird feeder which had been made at home and lots of autumn seeds collected. Well done to do the children who spoke so confidently to the group.

The rest of the session, we thought about the things which we like to do. We listened to a story and took turns around the circle to talk about what we like. There were lots of different things including, bike riding, playing with dolls, cars, balls and painting. Well done Nursery! See if you can tell each other in your families what you each like to do.


The children love playing with playdough and it is great for their fine motor skills. Getting the children to squash, roll and manipulate it is great for building up their finger muscles. This will also help improve their writing as they will be able to hold and control a pencil more accurately.

If you would like to make playdough at home, I follow the recipe from this website:

Behaviour choices

We have been thinking about how we need to act in Nursery and sorting out actions which are good and actions which we should not do. The children have agreed that they need to be nice, kind, share, take turns and look after each other. If we do those things we will all stay happy!

Yay, we’re all in!

Today we welcomed in our last group of children to the Nursery. It has been wonderful to see the children engaging in a range of activities and beginning to make friends. We are so proud of you all and especially all the children who have been trying to fight back the tears on their settling in journey!

First intake of children

We were so impressed with our first group of children starting nursery and how they settled in straight away. They have been great at exploring all our different areas both inside and outside of the classroom. Well done on completing your first day! We are looking forward to greeting many more children over the coming week.

Stay And Play

Thank you to everyone who came to our stay and play sessions. It is great that the children have explored the Nursery and are now all prepared to be grown up boys and girls and come by themselves. We can’t wait to meet you again on your start date!